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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Preventative Services

How can we help you?

At Maine Family Dental Practice we understand that making decisions about your oral health can be hard and the best way to be confident is by having all of the information. Although we are more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have at your personal consultation, we also have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to provide you with some quick answers. 

If you have any further questions or concerns in the meantime, please contact our office at (207) 947-1166! 

Preventative Services

New Patient | Maine Family Dental At this time, we are accepting new patients! We are proud to welcome new members into our dental family from all around the Bangor area. This includes our neighbors from Winterport, Orono, Brewer, Orrington, Holden, and adjacent communities.

We know that each member of your family needs special care depending on what stage of life they're in. For instance, a child requires different services and care than a family member in his or her elder years. At Maine Family Dental, we offer the right care for every family member as he or she progresses through each stage of life. Our skilled dentist is knowledgeable when it comes to treatment for all ages.

Your First Visit

For your first visit, we recommend that you come equipped with information about your medical history. You may want to bring a list of medications that you are taking, and be prepared to answer questions about your health. Knowledge about your medical history can help us understand how to treat your body with overall wellness as our ultimate goal.

Schedule an appointment with us

After being cared for by our gentle, thorough team, you'll want to become a patient for life - and we wouldn't have it any other way! Schedule your new patient consultation today by giving us a call at our Bangor office at 1-207-947-1166.

Pediatric Dentist Patient | Maine Family Dental You are welcome to bring your child in to see us very early on - even before his or her first birthday! The purpose of such an early visit is to allow your child to get used to the office and the dentist chair and to meet the Maine Family Dental team. Becoming acquainted with the people and surroundings of the dentist's office can help your child feel comfortable and at ease. These are the first stones in the foundation of great dental health for life!

Your Child's First Regular Dental Visits

Around the age of two it is generally recommended that you begin bringing your child in for regular dentist visits. During your visit, your Maine Family Dental dentist Dr. Buxton can answer any questions that you may have about your child's oral health. You may also be given recommendations regarding how to instill healthy habits in your child, as well as advice about nutrition and wellness.

Baby teeth are vulnerable so regular dental visits are important in order to troubleshoot for any potential problems. Generally, your child's first dental x-rays will be taken sometime between the ages of four and six.

Schedule your child's dental cleaning with us

Dr. Buxton enjoys working with children and teaching them about how to care for their teeth. Schedule your child's first appointment today!

Little Girl On Vacation | Great Dental WebsitesIf you want to protect your oral health, you should probably avoid the following beverages:

Avoid the following for your teeth

  • Coffee—If you drink your coffee with cream and sugar, it will contribute to tooth decay. But even if you drink it black, it will stain your teeth over time.
  • Tea—This beverage is similar to coffee because it can also stain your teeth. With sugar, it’s that much worse for your teeth.
  • Energy and sports drinks—Many people turn to these to give themselves a little boost, whether they are participating in sports or not. But the high sugar and acid levels in these popular beverages mean they can wreak havoc on your tooth enamel.
  • Soft drinks—It should come as no surprise that soda is also loaded with sugar and acidity.
  • Citrus juices—Although juice with no added sugar can be healthy for your body, the acid in juices such as grapefruit and orange juice can permanently damage the enamel on teeth.
  • Alcohol—Many alcoholic beverages are full of sugar. Because the alcohol dehydrates, it can decrease your saliva production. Dry mouth can lead to cavities and other problems.

Contact our Bangor ME office today

It’s best to make water your beverage of choice most of the time. If you have other questions about beverages and tooth decay, be sure to contact our Bangor, ME practice.


Preventative Dentistry | Maine Family Dental In most cases it is easier and more effective to stop problems before they start, rather than correcting them after they have already caused damage. Think of your mouth as a gateway to the wellbeing of the rest of your body. The health of your mouth is closely linked with systemic overall health issues; therefore, preventing oral health problems may help you achieve your best possible overall health.

How can you prevent oral health problems?

Prevention typically takes place in two phases - the first phase is honoring your biannual in-office visits. The second phase is practicing good oral health tactics at home every day.

During your in-office visit, your dentist will thoroughly screen your mouth for any potential problems. You will also have a professional teeth cleaning, which removes hard-to-reach plaque and leaves your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. Your dentist will also advise you on ways to improve your oral health care routine. This may include recommendations on the best products and techniques to use.

Make sure to maintain your dental cleanings

Your daily at-home care is very important for prevention of illnesses like gum disease and problems such as tooth decay. Be sure to diligently brush twice daily and floss regularly.

Contact Maine Family Dental Practice with any questions you have about your at home dental care. 

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