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At Maine Family Dental Practice, we understand that you want to keep your natural teeth, and we promise to do our best to help you achieve that goal; however, sometimes it may be in your best interest to have a tooth extraction. 

Our experienced dentists provide gentle teeth extractions in Bangor, ME with help from sedation dentistry methods.

Do I Need a Tooth Extraction in Bangor, ME?

Circumstances in which you may need an extraction include the following:

  • Infection or risk of infection – In severe cases, an infected tooth may need removal. This is usually a last resort for cases that antibiotics and other procedures are not likely to help.
  • Crowding – Sometimes removing a tooth from a crowded mouth can help ease pressure on surrounding teeth. This is sometimes a key part of effective orthodontic treatment.
  • Periodontal disease – If left untreated, gum disease can destroy the tissues and bone surrounding a tooth. In some cases, the damage results in the need for extraction.
  • Emergency teeth extractions – Situations like broken or knocked out teeth, which are common dental emergencies in Bangor, ME, may result in needing an extraction. 

You may also need to have a tooth extracted if you suffer an injury or if the tooth is in a state of advanced decay.

We also provide wisdom teeth extractions. If you are experiencing the discomfort of wisdom teeth eruption, schedule a consultation at our Bangor dental office to determine if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed.

How Is a Tooth Extracted?

Your Maine Family Dental Practice dentist Dr. Travis Buxton  will make sure that you are completely comfortable and at ease before undergoing your extraction procedure. We even offer sedation dentistry options like nitrous oxide.

Once you’re comfortable, your dentist will prepare the area. The tooth will be gently rocked back and forth in its socket until it’s loosened and can be removed. In the case of a broken tooth, it may have to be removed in multiple pieces, but we'll discuss this with you ahead of time so you know what to expect.

Your dentist in Bangor, ME will do everything necessary to help the healing process after an extraction. They may take measures to secure the gum tissue over the extraction site for the best possible results. You’ll be given at-home care instructions to follow during the healing process.

Tooth Replacement Options 

Having a tooth extraction doesn’t mean that you need to live with a gap in your smile! We advise replacing missing teeth to maintain good dental health and for the best aesthetic results.

We offer several different tooth replacement options including dental bridges and dental implants in Bangor, ME. Tell your dentist about your tooth replacement goals and ask for advice regarding which solution is right for you.

Schedule an Appointment at Our 04401 Dentist Office

If you suspect that your ailing tooth may need to be removed, contact us at (207) 947-1166 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Buxton. Our dentist in Bangor will guide you through every step of the process.