Dental Fillings in Bangor, ME

Fillings are a routine way to address the problem of tooth decay or to bolster the structure of a tooth. Fillings can be made from several different materials and can be applied using several different methods.

At Maine Family Dental Practice, our dentist Dr. Travis Buxton can determine which material and method is right for you. He will then place your filling with precision and an artistic touch.

What Causes Tooth Decay?

Our mouths are full of naturally occurring bacteria. These microorganisms consume particles from the food we eat. When they digest this material, they create an acidic waste product that wears away at the tooth’s enamel. This can ultimately result in the formation of dental caries – also known as “cavities.”

The favorite snack of bacteria is sugar, so a diet high in sugar can accelerate this process of decay. We recommend a healthy diet low in sugar to help prevent cavities. Good oral health care including twice-a-day brushing and nightly flossing also helps to prevent cavities.

During your regular dental exam and teeth cleaning in Bangor, your dentist will check your teeth thoroughly for cavities. Your dentist can tell if you have a cavity when the tooth’s enamel feels softer than it should when probed. Dental x-rays can also detect cavities that are not visible to the eye.

In the event that a cavity has formed in your tooth’s enamel, we may recommend a dental filling. The placement of a filling can help to prevent further decay of the tooth.

What Is a Dental Filling?

Woman getting a dental exam | Dental Fillings Bangor ME“Filling” a tooth refers to the process of filling the hole in the tooth’s enamel created by a cavity. Filling materials include amalgam and composite. Amalgam is a “traditional” silver filling, which is very strong and durable. Composite is a tooth-colored material that is also strong and durable and may be more aesthetically pleasing than amalgam.

Before placing a filling, your dentist will remove the decayed tooth structure. He will then thoroughly clean and disinfect the area and prepare it for the filling. The filling material that you and your dentist have chosen to restore your tooth will then be placed in the cavity in a putty-like state. Your dentist will smooth and shape the filling to mimic the contours of your tooth. We also offer “inlay” and “onlay” filling services.

Placing a filling is a routine procedure that helps to reinforce the structure of the tooth, while also restoring it to health and beauty.

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