CEREC Dental Crowns in Bangor, ME

CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns

At Maine Family Dental Practice, we know you’re busy. To show you how much we respect and value your time, we want to make your dental care as convenient and efficient as possible. Accordingly, we offer CEREC same-day crowns. CEREC is a trusted technology that uses a computer to make a ceramic dental crown. CEREC allows us to make your crown in just one short visit.

We can quickly and easily restore damaged teeth for even the busiest people with CEREC same-day crowns. Call our office at (207) 947-1166 to schedule your personal consultation.


What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a “cap” placed over your natural tooth to restore function and make your tooth beautiful again.

You may need a crown if your tooth has been damaged by advanced decay. A crown can also be used to reinforce the structure of a broken tooth or to improve a tooth’s appearance.

Maine Family Dental Practice dentist  Dr. Travis Buxton  will evaluate your situation and determine whether or not dental crowns in Bangor, ME are the best way to restore your ailing tooth.

In the past, designing, creating, and placing a crown could take multiple visits to your dentist. CEREC technology allows us to streamline this process without sacrificing the quality and strength of your tooth restoration.

The CEREC Dental Crown Process in Bangor, ME

If it is determined that you need a crown, your natural tooth will be prepared by your dentist. This means carefully shaping it into a “post” that the crown will rest on. An anti-reflective contrast medium is then sprayed on the tooth, and then a 3-dimensional camera is used to take an image of it. This information is sent to a CEREC computer.
Your dentist can then use special software to design the perfect crown for your tooth. Using this digital design, a milling machine creates your crown out of composite or ceramic. The milling machine typically takes four to twenty minutes to make your crown.

Your dentist will then place the crown on the post of your natural tooth. A very strong bonding material will ensure that your crown stays in place. Chewing and grinding will be possible again. Your new crown will also make your tooth look beautiful and healthy – indistinguishable from the rest of your natural teeth!

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Make an appointment to visit us at our Bangor, Maine dental office. There are many different types of tooth restoration methods, and every case is unique — so you will need a consultation with one of our experienced dentists to determine if a CEREC same-day crown is the best method for your tooth. Call us at (207) 947-1166 to get started.