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What can I do to prevent oral health problems?

Mother helping daughter brush her teeth | Preventive Dentist Bangor MEIn most cases it is easier and more effective to stop problems before they start, rather than correcting them after they have already caused damage. Think of your mouth as a gateway to the wellbeing of the rest of your body. The health of your mouth is closely linked with systemic overall health issues; therefore, preventing oral health problems may help you achieve your best possible overall health.

Preventive Dentistry in Bangor, ME

Prevention typically takes place in two phases - the first phase is honoring your biannual in-office visits. The second phase is practicing good oral health tactics at home every day.

During your in-office visit, your dentist will thoroughly screen your mouth for any potential problems. You will also have a professional teeth cleaning, which removes hard-to-reach plaque and leaves your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. Your dentist will also advise you on ways to improve your oral health care routine. This may include recommendations on the best products and techniques to use.

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Your daily at-home care is very important for prevention of illnesses like gum disease and problems such as tooth decay. Be sure to diligently brush twice daily and floss regularly.

Contact Maine Family Dental Practice with any questions you have about your at home dental care. 

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