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Major Signs You Need Root Canal Treatment

April 25, 2021
Posted By: Maine Family Dental Practice
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Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the pulp inside a patient’s tooth is infected or damaged. The dental pulp, which is at the core of the tooth, contains nerves, tissue, and blood vessels. When the pulp becomes infected, it can cause a lot of pain. During a patient’s root canal treatment, the dentist cleans decay and bacteria from the area of the tooth pulp and removes the tooth pulp, relieving pain for most patients almost immediately!

In addition to providing almost immediate pain relief for many patients, the procedure may also save the tooth from extraction, so even though root canal treatment has a bad reputation, it is unwarranted.

Root canal treatment is vital to patients' oral health and actually relieves them of pain. 

Major Signs You Need Root Canal Treatment

If you are wondering if you need a root canal treatment, but you are unsure, we can help. Here are some major signs that you may need root canal treatment:

  • Persistent tooth pain
  • A discolored tooth
  • Swelling
  • A broken or badly chipped tooth
  • Temperature sensitivity 

If you notice any of the above major signs, call our dental office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. If you suspect you need root canal treatment for another reason, please don’t hesitate to call us as well. We are happy to offer advice on whether or not you should visit Maine Family Dental Practice. 

Generally, we advise scheduling an appointment for any of your dental concerns. However, we recommend an appointment more urgently if you have a tooth injury, pain, swelling, or suspect a tooth infection. Tooth infections are serious medical issues that should receive prompt treatment.

We perform root canals as a routine procedure in our practice, so please remember that your situation is not uncommon if you need root canal treatment. 

Learn More About Root Canals in Bangor, ME

At Maine Family Dental Practice, Dr. Travis Buxton provides outstanding care to area dental patients. We are your dentist's office in Bangor, ME, for root canal therapy, and we look forward to helping you fix your dental problems so you can live pain-free and enjoy excellent oral health! 

Reach out to our friendly team today to schedule your appointment for excellent dental care.

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