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3 Popular Cosmetic Dental Solutions

July 18, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Travis Buxton
Cosmetic Dentistry | Bangor ME

Is your smile ready for an upgrade? Do you find yourself hiding it in photographs? Do you often feel self-conscious when meeting someone new? Your cosmetic dentist in Bangor, ME can help, and here are 3 of our most popular solutions.

Teeth Whitening

One of the fastest and most cost effective ways to make an impact on your smile is with teeth whitening. We'll make custom trays for you based on impressions we take of your teeth. Your trays are designed to fit snug, which protects you from the injury that excess whitening gel can cause. We'll show you how to safely apply the gel and you'll be able to whiten at home based on your own schedule. You might be surprised at the impact a whiter smile can make!

Porcelain Veneers

If your teeth are in need of more extensive repair, porcelain veneers might be the right solution for you. Veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are customized to fit over your natural tooth. They can cover many imperfections such as:

  • Small chips and fractures
  • Stains and discoloration
  • Gaps and spacing
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Excessive wear
  • Size discrepancies

While they can be used to repair one tooth, veneers are best used for enhancing an entire smile. They can be designed to change the shape, size, and shade of your teeth so you can achieve the smile you've always wanted!


Are you living with crooked teeth? Invisalign might be just the solution you need to align and enhance your smile. Instead of traditional metal brackets, Invisalign uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth. Aligners are plastic and fit snug so they're comfortable to wear and don't interfere with your daily activities. Treatment with Invisalign is efficient and effective, and most cases can be completed within 15-18 months.

If you're ready to reclaim your smile, give Dr. Buxton and the cosmetic team at Maine Family Dental Practice a call today to learn more about how we can help you.

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