Laser Dentistry in Bangor, ME

Part of providing you with the best possible care is offering the latest technologies in the field of dentistry. Accordingly, our Maine Family Dental Practice dentist Dr. Travis Buxton is trained to perform laser dentistry. Laser technology can be useful in many different circumstances and may have some advantages over traditional procedures.

Schedule your consultation at Maine Family Dental Practice to find out if laser dentistry is right for you. Laser treatment may be useful in circumstances such as:

  • Periodontal treatment – Your dentist may be able to remove tissue damaged by gum disease without a scalpel. The laser can also kill harmful bacteria and stimulate regeneration of the cells in the treatment area.
  • Fillings – Laser therapy may be used for removing tooth decay and preparing a cavity for the placement of a filling. Laser treatment also prepares the tooth surface for bonding.

Laser treatment may also be used during root canal treatments, for treatment of ulcers, and more.

Advantages of Laser DentistryLaser Dentistry | Bangor ME

Do you have a fear of needles? Laser dentistry may eliminate the need for injections. Laser treatments can also sometimes save time.

Laser treatment is generally less invasive than surgery with traditional instruments, which can mean faster healing times and minimal discomfort.

With laser technology, your dentist can provide treatment with accuracy and precision. The use of a laser allows your dentist to perform treatment while removing the least amount of healthy tooth material and tissue possible. Preservation of healthy tissue can help facilitate healing.

Laser dentistry is great for kids! Since laser dentistry can often be performed without a shot, it’s a great way to treat dental issues in children. This allows children to receive necessary treatment without the fear and anxiety associated with needles.

Is Laser Treatment Right for Me?

We know that many people are fearful of going to the dentist. We want you to know that effective treatment can be done without invasive procedures! Our skillful dentists are proud to offer this type of technology to maximize the results of your dental care plan.

Ask Dr. Buxton if he recommends laser dentistry in your case. Laser treatment is safe and effective for the whole family.

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