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What is a dental emergency and how to deal with one?

Accidents happen, but knowing how to react and where to go can help you save your tooth.Patient with bad tooth pain from dental emergency near Bangor ME

Dental emergencies in Bangor, ME usually require patients to visit Maine Family Dental Practice as soon as they can. We keep time in our schedule to accommodate emergency patients, so don't hesitate to call us and let us know precisely what is happening. Our friendly dental team can provide advice and guidance for dealing with your dental emergency until Dr. Travis Buxton can see you.

If you cannot see us, or if you have a head injury or bleeding that won't stop, we advise you to go to the nearest emergency room.

Common Dental Emergencies in the 04401 Area

  • Knocked-out tooth: We may save your tooth if you see us soon after your accident. Don't let your tooth root dry out; keep it moist by holding it in your mouth or a cup of milk. Please do not wait until the next day to call us.
  • Cracked tooth: Rinse with warm water, so it is clear of debris. If you have swelling, you can apply a cold compress for 20 minutes at a time. Call your emergency dentist in Bangor, ME immediately.
  • Severe tooth pain: May indicate an infection that needs a root canal to preserve your tooth. Rinse with warm water and use aspirin if you can to relieve pain. 
  • Object stuck between teeth: Do not use sharp objects to remove items like popcorn kernels or food. If you cannot gently floss the object out, see us right away to avoid infection
  • Bitten lip or cheek: If you are bleeding without stopping and are in pain, please go to your emergency room immediately

Contact Our Bangor Emergency Dentist ASAP!

There are many types of dental emergencies; if you think something is abnormal, give our Bangor dentist office a call immediately.

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