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What Is Preventative Dentistry?

Preventative Dentistry Bangor ME

Your first defense against poor oral health, is by brushing and flossing regularly, yet there is much more to preventing major dental problems. Preventative dentistry allows your dentist to help you fight plaque and tarter build-up and keep your teeth healthy and strong. At Maine Family Dental Practice, our goal is to help our patients in the Bangor, ME area avoid major dental concerns such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Preventative Dentistry

Cleanings and Exams – Even those who brush and floss every day and have healthy teeth need to see their dentist at least once a year. Brushing and flossing can still miss hard to reach spots and when plaque ...

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The Worst Drinks for Your Teeth

Bad Drinks for Teeth | Bangor ME Dentist

Day to day life can be doing irreparable damage to your teeth. Even if you maintain good oral hygiene, the foods you eat and drink can be harming not only your general healthy, but your dental health as well. Diet can be the reason that your teeth are becoming discolored, you are getting cavities, and becoming victim of gum disease. The fluids you drink are some of the worst culprits in declining dental health.

Worst Drinks for Your Teeth

Soda – These sugary, calorie filled liquids are one of the worst products you can put in your body, and the damage start with your mouth. Sugar is known for being ...

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Best Daily Oral Health Tips

Toothpaste | Dentist Bangor ME

Everyone knows that brushing twice daily is important to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, but there are actually a lot of factors that contribute to a healthy mouth. Making sure you visit the dentist regularly is one of the most vital steps in having good oral hygiene, but making healthy habits daily will really make the difference in your oral health. 

Daily Oral Health Tips

  1. Eat healthy – Consuming a healthy diet is the first step in not only your general health but your dental health as well. High sugar consumption can lead to accelerated tooth decay when the sugars and plaque create an acid that eats away at your enamel. ...

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